REEEEEALLY want a Bernese Mountain Dog as my adventure companion…

Looking out on the Inland Empire from atop Cucamonga Peak with both Mt. San Jacinto and Santiago Peak in view.

Really into this new Raveonettes album

I’ve never had a job so stoked to give me more hours than the animal hospital…which translates into more money for adventures in Wyoming and Colorado!!!


I leave for Wyoming in less than two months and I haven’t even started getting all my prerequisites like a drug test, background screens, and vaccinations started and the paperwork is due on August 29th. Ahhh I’m a ┬ádisorganized mess!!

I just got 3 FULL XL PIZZAS for free from work. You guys, I’m so stoked right now. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for dayssss


timechangesus asked:

I'm currently meant to be studying for exams, but Tumblr suggested your blog and I got sidetracked looking through your awesome hiking photos. The areas you go are incredible and inspiring my wanderlust even more (I'm actually heading to Africa at the end of the week, so at least I'll be able quench some of it there!). Don't mind me, as I enjoy the outdoors that have felt so far away during my studies, through your great uploads. Hope whatever adventure you're on now/planning, is/will be epic.


I’m really, really happy that you enjoy my blog and that it inspires your wanderlust—even if that means taking away time from your studies. Where in Africa are you headed? I’ve always wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. And thank you so much for the kind words—I’ve got a lot of adventures/huge life changes coming in the next few months so please stay tuned and have a wonderful time in Africa!

Taken a couple hours ago with a disposable camera whose film expired a little over five years ago.