Guy 1: “Bro, Snapchat hookers are WAY more legit than Craigslist hookers!”
Guy 2: “THAT’S why I love Snapchat!!”
Eavesdropped conversations at the bar at Yardhouse never disappoint…

Star Trails Photography

Anyone in southern California (LA/OC) have a suggestion for good places to shoot star trails photos?

So freakin’ busy…

Working two jobs and taking two summer classes has left absolutely no free time to hike or be outdoors whatsoever during daylight hours. The not being outdoors part is killin’ me. It’s so beautiful outside every damn day and I’m stuck indoors under fluorescent lights. Only 4 more months until Wyoming and 6 more months until I move to Colorado. SO CLOSE!!!!


brendansupertramp asked:

what kind of tent is that you're holding over your head


Poler One Man Tent

Saw these little specks moving across the side of the mountain as I descended from the summit so I zoomed in as much as I could for a closer look.